About Us

Why use C Phase Electric when there are literally thousands of electricians to choose from?

The answer is easy. We are a family first. C Phase is run by a married couple, both electricians, who have spent nearly a decade working together in the field, while running a household together at home.

Who better to take care of your own family or business?

Give us a call and you’ll see why so many of our customers use us time and again, refer us to others, and become part of our own C Phase Family!


melMel Cherry

Owner, Master Electrician

Mel is the heart and soul of C Phase electric. Our lead engineer, installer, troubleshooter, and all-around electrical genius, Mel has been in the business since 1998. After obtaining his license, he began to work privately and began to build a customer base. Finally, C Phase Electric was born, and hopefully will continue to grow with Mel at the helm!


eelsJennifer Cherry

Owner, Business Manager/Electrician

Jennifer is one of a handful of women in the country to have experience working as an industrial/commercial/residential electrician, which she has done since 2004. Married to Mel since 2008, she continues to assist in the field as well as manage all the communication and business for C Phase Electric.

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